Roughly this time last year, I downloaded an app that allows you to earn gift cards and rewards for watching TV. My life has never been the same. I can now productive and lazy. At the same time. Amazing.

Okay, so if you are hearing the word Viggle for the first time, it is a downloadable app that allows you to check-in to your favorite shows to earn points. Points can be redeemed for gift cards, gifts, and more. Here’s a few basics:

  • Download the App on your Apple or Android smartphones. App only available on smartphones 🙁
  • Hit “check-in” and hold your phone or iPad up to your TV to start earning points!
  • You will receive 1 point for every minute of television watched
  • You will receive bonus points for watching certain shows, which are shown on the what’s on button (Usually primetime shows like American Idol, Bones, The Big Bang Theory, etc. have bonus points)
  • You will earn points after the show is over (even if you’ve left the room or have turned off your TV)
  • You can use Viggle for shows on your DVR, so they do not have to be live.

And now for a few Viggle tips:

  • Play trivia during your favorite show to earn additional points. It always helps to play trivia on a show you actually watch because you will earn more points for answering correctly.
  • Play MyGuy during a sports game for extra points. (MyGuy is like a fantasy game, and their is a strategy if you play often. For example, my mother-in-law played MyGuy Football and did really well for just playing the defense the entire game).
  • Watch advertisements on Viggle once you check into a show to earn bonus points. (There are certain times that offer the most video/points opportunities. My in-laws say it switches often, but usually either early morning (7am) or evening (around 7pm).
  • You can earn bonus points after watching a show for 10 minutes or longer; so, check into a bonus show, and then switch to another bonus show 10 minutes later if they are on at the same time.
  • Check into longer shows before you leave the house. (For example, I’ve checked into the Today show around 7am before work, and then received 250 points for later on that morning).
  • Special events like the Oscars, the Superbowl, Olympics, etc. are usually high in points for length, bonus check-in points, video opportunities, and trivia bonuses. These are amazing Viggle days, for real.
  • Rewards change often, so hold off if you don’t find a reward you like as they replenish and switch around. You can print out your eCard within minutes of redeeming your prize. (However, sometimes the point value change. For instance, a year ago a $15 Chili’s eGift Card was 21,000 points is now 30,000 points). So do not wait too long to cash in your prize.

Have you used Viggle before? Do you have any tips that I may have forgotten?