Did you know that there are certain months that are better to buy particular items than other times of the year.

Here are the best and worst items to buy in September:

  1. Summer Apparel and clearance: Summer apparel and summer clearance are great buys during and after Labor Day weekend
  2. Patio Furniture: The end of summer is a great time to buy Patio furniture and the like if you haven’t made a purchase yet!
  3. Grills: Grills are now in low demand and now make a great buy if you need one!
  4. Apple Products: New apple products are expected to launch soon so it’s a great time to buy older models for a great deal
  5. Coffee Deals: The end of September is National Coffee Day and expect to find great deals on coffee around that time!
  6. Jewelry: There’s not much going on in September for romance so jewelry is a great buy in September.

Here’s a few things to avoid in June:

  1. Large Appliances: Large appliances go on sale this month, but wait until Black Friday if you can for a really great deal
  2. 2016 Car Models: Everyone wants a big, shiny new car which is why the prices are so high. Instead look for a 2015 model for great discounts
  3. Fall Clothing: New clothes typically don’t have great deals yet, wait if you can for a better deals on fall clothing

Do you have any suggestions of items that are great to buy in September? Any items to avoid buying this month?