Ways to Save at Legoland Discovery Center Boston

Legoland Boston Discounts

Are you looking for ways to save at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston located at Assembly Row in Somerville?

Admission to LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston varies but the walk up price is $23 for ages 3+ and children under 3 are free.

However, if you buy your ticket in advance directly through their website you can pay as low as $14.95 per ticket for the online saver ticket option. However, you must buy the online saver ticket online and pick a future date and time for your tickets.

The price will vary depending on the date and time you choose with prices starting at $14.95. Non-holiday weekdays and later in the day time slots generally will be cheaper than weekends and morning time slots. There are also other online options that include a lego collectible and more, usually at a higher price.

The online saver ticket is a great option for those who know exactly when they will be visiting, especially for those who won’t be visiting during a popular time.

However, sometimes it can be hard to predict what time you may be coming, especially when you have young children and/or need to weather Boston traffic.

Luckily, there’s a lot of other discounts, special offers, coupons, and more you can take advantage of for LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Boston.

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Here are some easy ways to save on tickets to LEGOLAND in Boston:

Please note that adults are only permitted with children, but there are a few adults only nights available if you don’t have kids or don’t want to take the kids.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston is located at 598 Assembly Row in Somerville. For more information about LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston, please head here.

Do you know of any discounts that I may have missed? Have you been to LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Somerville before? I’m waiting for my son to get a tad older before we go!