Free Pizza Slider at Pizza Hut on 2/5/13 + Other Super Bowl Freebies!


There have been a lot of post Super Bowl freebies, and this is one of them! Since a Quarterback said “hut” on Sunday night, Pizza Hut will be giving customers a free big pizza slider, a brand new menu item.

Stop into Pizza Hut on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 from 4-7 p.m. to grab a free pizza slider! No purchase is necessary and this offer is valid for both dine-in and carry-out. You may want to check with your local Pizza Hut first to make sure they are participating.

The Pizza Sliders do look small, so I’m not sure if it will fill you up or not, but maybe a great afternoon snack?

Also, make sure you check your e-mail today for your free Papa Johns pizza code if you picked heads for the coin toss! If you don’t see it by the end of the day, check your spam folder. (It came late Monday last year, I believe).

Also, as of this morning, you could still grab a Free 2-Liter of Pepsi Next.

Lots of fun post Super Bowl freebies to be had! What is your favorite? I think mine is the free Papa Johns! Hello free dinner!


Papa Johns Superbowl XLVII Coin Toss Promotion! *Possibly Free Pizza*


Calling all Papa Johns and/or free pizza fans! Papa Johns is doing their free pizza giveaway for the Superbowl if you pick the coin toss correctly! Last year, America picked the coin toss where we all either won or lost together, and we all won! This year, it is up to you. So choose wisely.

You must make vote online by Saturday, February 2, 2013 over here. If you choose correctly, watch your e-mail for a promo code for a free 1-topping pizza on Monday! (Remember, to check your spam).

You can only vote once, but up to 4 members in a household can vote. So make a pact with your mother, spouse, roommate or whoever to split a free pizza depending on where the toss lands! Good luck!