Okay, if you are a fan of discount ticket site, ScoreBig, you may want to jot this promo code down. ScoreBig is offering $20 off any ticket purchase with promo code SAVE20! I don’t know when this promo code expires, but it is currently working now.

I tried playing around with the promo code to see what I could get for free for an event in Boston I would actually go too. I wasn’t able to score free Celtics tickets (boo), but I could probably get them for cheap. ScoreBig works kind of like Priceline, and if you bid too low for tickets, you can’t try again for that date and ticket grade for another 24 hours.

The picture above is my computer screen checking out tickets for the Boston College Eagles Basketball team in January. I didn’t continue to see if my bid worked, but it looks like I had a good chace of scoring two free tickets to the game, if I wanted to go.

You do need to place your credit card down with every bid, even if your total says $0 after the promo code is entered. You will not be charged if your bid doesn’t go through.

Thanks, Free Stuff Times!