Money Saving Monday: Don’t Fall For Scams

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*Every Monday throughout 2014 I will be sharing small Money Savings Tips to help stick to and expand your budget!

With April 1st rolling around the corner, I thought it would be appropriate that my money saving tip would be to avoid scams and tricks. Obviously with a scam you are wasting and losing your hard earned money. However, avoiding a scam can be easier said that done. Nobody wants to fall for a scam.

Have I fallen for a scam? Yes, and it sucks. I was totally caught off guard and wasn’t suspecting it.

There are so many scams on and offline to be weary of. The old saying “if it is too good to be true, it probably is” is a good one; however, it’s not always the case.

As a deal finding blogger, I find a lot of deals to work, but there are many deals that I come across that are completely false. I come across 10-20 scams a day, but most are very obvious.  I inherited money from a Nigerian price? Awesome.

Make sure you use common sense, and do not give out credit card or personal information without receiving the product or confirmation. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and if you feel pressure to buy, feel free to pass on a *great* deal if you aren’t comfortable, because it may not be that great of a deal. Plus, a lot of great deals that actually work may come up again!

Trust your instincts. Have you fallen for a scam before? Do you have any tips to share?

In honor of April Fools Day tomorrow, I will be quiet on social media and the blog because I don’t want to accidently share any tricks!

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  1. says

    I like participating in focus groups to make some money, just for sharing my opinions.

    Now, with reputable focus group companies, this is completely legit. They call & screen you, give you details if you qualify for the group, host the group, and pay you.

    But, there are a lot of scammers on Craigslist who pose as focus group recruiters. So, I don’t reply to any Craigslist posts for focus groups, but do reply to e-mails/calls from the focus group companies who’s databases I’m in.

    (If you want a list of Boston area focus group companies that are legit and how to join their databases, let me know. I have a list forward to friends when the ask me about focus groups.)

    • says

      Thanks! Sure– if you don’t mind forwarding it to me at kate (at), I’d appreciate it! Do you do usually do focus groups over the phone or in person?