How to Find Missing Money in Massachusetts


What better way to spend a snowy day than to find missing money, right? Did you know that their are billions of dollars of unclaimed money, and some may belong to you. There are a lot of resources and websites that share this information, including a huge booklet in the Boston Globe periodically.

You can find Missing Money in Massachusetts through the State website here. I also had good luck at because, although I didn’t have any missing money in MA, I was able to find a family member on the list even though they live in a different state than me. However, I have a pretty uncommon last name, so it’s easier for me to find than it may be for others.

Good Luck!


  1. says does not include all the states. On the home page, click on the map of the US. Blue states do not participate, but you can click on the state and be taken to the state’s unclaimed property page.
    I usually refer people to because you have to go state by state. If you end up on a site that wants to charge you or that you can have a free membership for a month, then you entered it wrong!! It’s inclaimed.ORG. You should never ever pay for an online search. In addition, I have found that the very old listings are not on but can usually be found on the state site.
    Another thing that most people miss is that at the top of both of these pages is a link to additional sources for unclaimed property including the treasury department for savings bonds, the IRS for returned tax refunds, forgotten pensions and more.
    There is no time limit on claiming these funds except for Indiana that keeps the money after 25 years. Happy treasure hunting!!

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      Lloyd, check out the link in the article and search for your name. Names are also run in the Globe a lot as well. Good luck!