Lyft New Logo

Update: New users can receive a free $10 credit when you sign up through a friend.

Lyft is Boston’s newest car-sharing app, which allows you to get picked up by a friendly driver with a touch of a button via smartphone. Lyft just expanded to Boston and is currently offering a $20 credit for new users when you use promo code BOSBUDGET valid for the month of June!

This past weekend I downloaded the app, and went out on the town and gave Lyft a try! Here’s a few things that I liked and learned about Lyft through my experience, and first a few things to note when setting up an account:

  • Lyft is available for download on iPhones and Android phones
  • Link your Facebook account with Lyft to create a profile (Must use Facebook for an account)
  • You must upload your credit card information when you set-up an account
  • Below the credit card line is the promo code line where you can enter BOSBUDGET promo code (I missed it the first time around, but was able to add a promo code a few minutes later no problem)

I’m not going to lie: I didn’t like the fact that my only option was signing up with my Facebook account at first. I like to keep my personal Facebook personal as much as possible. However, Lyft didn’t post anything to my Facebook page, which was nice. I did notice that my driver was able to see my Facebook picture, and I received a confirmation e-mail through the same e-mail my Facebook account is signed up with, which was fine by me.

I signed up for an account on Lyft before leaving my place, and it only took a few minutes to set up an account. Requesting a ride from Lyft was even quicker and easier than setting up an account. Here’s how to get a ride home from Lyft after the account is created:

  • Open Lyft App, and it will show your current location
  • Hit request Lyft at the bottom
  • It will ask: Confirm Lyft Request and hit yes (only if you are ready for the ride)
  • Your ride is on its way!

Once I hit yes, I received a picture of my driver and the driver’s car to look for. The time estimation was there as well as the exact location of the driver on the map so we could track the progress. (It took 7 minutes for us). We saw our driver come around the corner and I received a text from Lyft letting me know he had arrived right when he pulled up! We hoped into the car, and I sat in the front seat. It was such a nice and easy way to get home from the bar (er, I mean the Art Gallery) on a Saturday night. Oh, and, my driver was awesome. I felt like I was chatting with a friend and not a cabbie.

The rates for Lyft work on a time/mileage formula that isn’t advertised so I was a little unsure what the exact rate for my trip would be since Lyft prides themselves on being cheaper than a Taxi. Lyft also works as a suggested donation so you do not have to pay the rate it is suggested, especially if you feel like service did not coincide with suggested rate. All payment is made directly through the credit card linked to the account, and you are charged after you ride. No cash is needed or exchange of money with the driver. I received a bill with my suggested donation pretty quickly once exiting my ride, and then received a receipt after I paid my bill with a click or two. I think that’s how it worked, like I said, I visited the Art Gallery that night, so my memory is a little blurry… from all that beautiful artwork, ya know.

I took Lyft pretty far since I wanted to experiment and see how far $20 could get me. I went about 10-11 miles (during a low traffic time) and my suggested donation was $26.00, before my $20 credit. $6.00 to travel 10-something miles and get in my bed in half the time had I taken the MBTA home. Score.

The free $20 credit is good until the end of June with promo code BOSBUDGET. As you can tell from my adventure, $20 should get you pretty far. If you don’t use the entire credit, you can also use it towards your next ride!

I was really impressed with Lyft. I was a little weary a first with setting up the account with Facebook, but that was the hardest part, which wasn’t too hard. I really enjoyed “hailing” Lyft with my app and had a great ride home. I hope you have a chance to try it!

What do you think? Have you tried Lyft before? Will you try Lyft in the future!?

Disclosure: I received credit from Lyft and decided to try Lyft before sharing the $20 promo code with you. All thoughts and opinions of Lyft are my own.