Giveaway: Boston Sports Club Gym Membership

Boston Sports Club

Are you looking for a new gym and/or looking to check a new gym soon? Boston Sports Club has 25 locations in the Greater Boston Area with many locations directly in Boston too.

I am giving away 5) Free 1-Week Memberships for BSC at a $75 value for first-time visitors. The passes expire December 31, 2014 so you have plenty of time to use them.

If you are interested in the free one-weel BSC membership, please leave a comment below with your favorite workout by Thursday, 29, 2014 at noon and five people will be randomly selected. I will send you an e-mail within 48 hours for a mailing address for the free membership pass if you are a winner.

So, what is your favorite workout?

Good luck!


  1. Jacqueline Suarez says

    My favorite morning workout is a mile walk to my yoga studio, followed by an hour of TRX Pilates. A lovely, fresh pressed juice at whole foods finishes off the morning perfectly and I’m ready to start my day!

  2. Katie Samargya says

    My favorite workout is a spinning session followed by a 10-15 minute ab workout. Nothing beats the exhilaration of a bike ride for me 🙂

  3. Melanie H. says

    How can you only choose ONE?! I would have to say my favorite work out depends on my mood for the day I would either go to hot yoga or a zumba class! With the nice weather during the summer I try to find some outdoor classes that I can join 🙂 thanks for the giveaway!!

  4. Keriann says

    I love going to the free Zumba and yoga classes on the Esplanade! The scenery doesn’t get any better and the energy is amazing! I also love getting the freebies from the sponsors every week, Luna bar and Neuro. Thanks!

  5. Catherine says

    My favorite work out is being out on the water whether it be a canoe, row boat, kayak or paddleboard. It’s my favorite because it’s fun and I get to spend time outdoors. There’s also nothing calmer than being out on the water!

  6. Tina says

    Hiking mountains with trekking poles (and friends) is the best work-out ever. Good for body and soul.

  7. David Koch says

    My favorite workout is a full-body workout where I hit all of my major muscle groups. It leaves me feeling like I really gave my all in the gym that day.

  8. says

    My favorite workout starts with a great stretch/yoga first. Followed by a run on the treadmill, not just any run but changing it up with a few different speeds and incline. Some sort of weight training afterward completes my workout!

  9. Chris S says

    I like the boot camp style workouts. Reminds me of being back on athletic teams for sure. I also have come to appreciate more of the stretching/range of motion exercises as of late.

  10. Natalie Breen says

    Anything that doesn’t FEEL like a workout!
    Does walking the dog or chasing kids count..?

  11. Grace says

    It depends on the day. Some days yoga seems to be my favorite, some days I’d prefer going for a run, and sometimes I like to stay home and follow some workout videos whether it’s Insanity or a fitness Youtube channel.