Free Burrito Days at Boloco

Boloco is hosting Free Burrito Days in Boston this week! Order a mini or small for a free meal or pay $1.75 for a regular or $3.75 for a big bowl.

Boloco’s Free Burrito Days are from 11AM to 8PM at different locations each day and the complete schedule is below:

  • Tuesday, October 16, 2018: Berklee, Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Wednesday, October 17, 2018: Boston Common, Copley Square
  • Thursday, October 18, 2018: Atlantic Wharf, Congress Street, Federal Street
  • Wednesday, October 24, 2018: Lynnfield, MA
  • Monday, October 29, 2018: Hanover, NH

A donation is encouraged to Boloco’s charity partner Positive Tracks but not required.

For more information, please head here.


  1. Robert Nicholls says

    Free means free. Somthing isn’t free when you are required to buy something else first.
    I am a poor pennyless person who collects diability, you cater to the rich. I cannot afford the $1.75 even for a small one.
    I was going to try a burrito to see how good or bad they are, but it looks like your business is not for the poor.
    I am one person that will not beg for money or food.
    It is embarrassing to walk in a place after seeing a sign that is advertising something for FREE. Only to go in and find out that you have to buy something first.
    There was nothing on the sign out front of the Boloco across from the Commom saying I had to buy a burrito before I could get a so called free burrito.

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