*I am adding two new weekly features to Boston On Budget for 2014! Every Friday I will be featuring a fun and budget-friendly option in the Greater Boston area. The “Feature Friday” typically mentioned on the Cheap Eats list, Free Things to Do in Boston, or Discount Attractions. However, sometimes my lists can include so many fun things that I thought I would feature something budget-friendly and different each week. Also, each Feature Friday is something I have personal experience with or took advantage of recently! Enjoy!

Free Ride from Boston Logan AirportI am going to start the first Feature Friday post with a very cool freebie that I haven’t mentioned on Boston on Budget blog before but have used a few times now!

If you are arriving at Boston Logan International Airport, you do not have to pay a fare for MBTA Silver Line from the airport! Also, because the silver line connects underneath, you do have to pay for a transfer if you are looking to connect to other lines (unless of course you exit to the street first or switch to bus, etc.)

This is especially great for people who don’t have money on their Charlie Card, need a T pass, or would like to save on transportation costs. I was able to get all the way home from Logan Airport for free, which is really nice, especially since I forgot to load money on my Charlie Card! *Note, this does not work to the Airport, only from.

There are MBTA ticket machines at Logan Airport so you can get an online paper ticket there, however, you can always hold off until you need it. If you are visiting Boston, you can also grab a Charlie Card at South Station where you’ll most likely end up (depending on your destination) from the Silver Line, which will help you save more money. (You will typically save .50 per ride if you have a Charlie Card compared to a paper ticket from a Station’s machine). If you are visiting Boston for awhile or visit Boston often, it may be smart to get a (free) Charlie Card at a station. For more information about the Charlie Card or the MBTA, please head to the MTBA’s website.

Have you taken advantage of the free T rides from Logan Airport before? Are you traveling to Boston with any transportation questions? Feel free to leave thoughts and/or questions in the comments!