Discounts Tickets and Promo Codes for Edaville Railroad
Are you looking for discount tickets to Edaville?

Edaville Family Theme Park is located on the South Shore in Carver, Massachusetts and is a great place to take little ones for a day trip!

Regular price tickets are $37 for ages 4-59 and tickets are $32 for ages 2-3 and seniors 60+. Children under 2 are free and parking is free.

Here are some Edaville Railroad discounts and coupons available for the 2018 season to help save some money:

Also, make sure to check out the Edaville promotional calendar. There were too many special offers to name so make sure to peek at the calendar to see if any promotions align with your schedule! There’s a lot of chances to save as they have some great promotions, especially during the weekdays!

I have two kids (3 and 1) and we went in July 2018 and previously for the Festival of Lights when my oldest was a little under 2. We had a great time recently and my boys loved it, especially the older one who loved Thomas Land.

We arrived fairly early to Edaville this summer and we did the big train ride first, went to Thomas Land next and did Dino Land last. I like the order we did things because we went on the first train of the day and we easily found seats aboard the train.

I also like that we did Dino Land last because we hit it at the hottest part of the day and Dino Land is quieter and shadier than Thomas Land. I went into Dino Land totally clueless of what to expect, and it was nice and low key, but my boys still enjoyed it too. (My 3-year old LOVED pressing all the buttons to the displays).

We also went on a Saturday in July and it was really manageable. We were able to get on a lot of rides with no wait and we never waited longer than a cycle for a ride, which was really nice for my impatient son. We also hit Thomas Land on a Saturday morning, so I’m not sure if that made a difference or not on the line wait.

We did buy our food there, but next time I’ll probably bring food from home as there are picnic tables toward the entrance where you can enjoy outside food from.

Have you been to Edaville Family Theme Parke before? Do you have any tips for saving money on tickets or in the park?

For more information about Edaville Railroad or to purchase tickets, please head here.

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