Rare Game Pieces for the 2017 Monopoly Game at Shaw’s

Monopoly game 2017 shaws

Are you looking for the rare game pieces for the 2018 Monopoly game at Shaw’s?

The Monopoly Game is back with over $200 million in prizes and money saving offers. Game tickets are distributed until May 9, 2017 or when the store runs out (usually a few days beforehand in my past experiences). You will also have until May 30, 2017 to claim your prize(s).

Every time you shop at Shaw’s, Star Market or another participating store you will receive a game ticket at checkout. Look for BONUS items to receive even more game tickets from your shopping trip.

Keep in mind that the game is available at over 2000+ stores in 34 different states (Shaw’s, Star Market, Albertsons, Safeway, Jewel Osco, Acme Markets, Pavilions, Carrs, Vons, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Market Street, United Supermarkets, and Amigos) and chances are winning are pretty slim.

There are over ONE BILLION tickets created so you probably don’t want to buy things you wouldn’t ordinary buy or go out of your way to shop at Shaw’s just for the tickets because there’s such a small chance to win, especially a big prize.

Below is a list of (suspected) rare game pieces for the Monopoly board. This information is compiled from human players and may not be 100% accurate, but will give you a good idea of what others may have. Please leave a comment below if you suspect an error in the list and I’ll make the adjustment.

The best prizes require two rare pieces and the number in bold is the prize thought to be more uncommon.

Here are the suspected rare monopoly pieces for the 2017 game:

$1 Million Vacation Home: 8Y14F, 8Y16H
$1 Million Cash: 8Z07G, 8Z08H
$100,000 Cash or Luxury Car: 8E82B, 8E85E
$40,000 Home Makeover: 8D86A, 8D87B
$35,000 Vehicle of Your Choice: 8C91A, 8C93C
$20,000 College Tuition: 8B99D, 8B00E
$10,000 4-Wheeler: 9A03B, 9A04C
$10,000 Family Vacation: 9B07A, 9B10D
$5,000 Cash: 8F77A
$5,000 Groceries: 8G75C
$1,500 Gas Grill & Groceries: 8H72D
$1,500 LED HD TV:8J66B
$1,000 Cash: 8K64D
$1,000 Grocery Gift Card: 8L57A
$1,000 Laptop Computer: 8M54B
$500 Grocery Gift Card: 8N51C
$300 Smart Watch: 8P47C
$200 Family Picnic: 8Q41A
$200 Cash: 8R40D
$100 Grocery Gift Card: 8S34B
$100 Cash: 8T32D
$50 Grocery Gift Card: 8V27C
$25 Grocery Gift Card: 8W21A
$25 Gift Card Mall: 8X18B
$25 Cash: 9C15D
$25 Fandango Gift Card: 9D16A
$15 Grocery Gift Card: 9E22C
$10 Grocery Gift Card: 9F26C
$10 Cash: 9G31D
$5 Grocery Gift Card: 9H32A
$5 Cash: 9J37B

Please feel free leave comments about the rare or semi-rare pieces ONLY as it’s very easy to find the other pieces not mentioned here. Also, please use caution and do some due-diligence about other rare pieces as this is a public website and PLEASE do not leave your private information here.

For more information about the Monopoly Game, chances of winning, game rules, and more, please head here.

Good luck!

Are you playing this year? Have you won anything in the past?


  1. J. White says

    I have 8Y16H (million dollar vacation home) for sale. Send me your offer to purchase by text or voice mail.


  2. JanuaryJ says

    Thank you for the info! I have organized it to make it a little more user friendly!
    8B99D, 8B00E $20,000 College Tuition
    8C91A, 8C93C $35,000 Vehicle of Your Choice
    8D86A, 8D87B $40,000 Home Makeover
    8E82B, 8E85E $100,000 Cash or Luxury Car
    8F77A $5,000 Cash
    8G75C $5,000 Groceries
    8H72D $1,500 Gas Grill & Groceries
    8J66B $1,500 LED HD TV
    8K64D $1,000 Cash
    8L57A $1,000 Grocery Gift Card
    8M54B $1,000 Laptop Computer
    8N51C $500 Grocery Gift Card
    8P47C $300 Smart Watch
    8Q41A $200 Family Picnic
    8R40D $200 Cash
    8S34B $100 Grocery Gift Card
    8T32D $100 Cash
    8V27C $50 Grocery Gift Card
    8W21A $25 Grocery Gift Card
    8X18B $25 Gift Card Mall
    8Y14F, 8Y16H $1 Million Vacation Home:
    8Z07G, 8Z08H $1 Million Cash

    9A03B, 9A04C $10,000 4-Wheeler
    9B07A, 9B10D $10,000 Family Vacation
    9C15D $25 Cash
    9D16A $25 Fandango Gift Card
    9E22C $15 Grocery Gift Card
    9F26C $10 Grocery Gift Card
    9G31D $10 Cash
    9H32A $5 Grocery Gift Card
    9J37B $5 Cash

  3. P says

    I have all the pieces BUT these: 8Z08H, 8Y14F, 8E82B, 8D86A, 8C93C…… if you have any of these let’s deal.

  4. Branda says

    Hi, I have 8E85E and I’m looking for a deal with anyone who has 8E82B. Please respond with your email, and see if we can make a deal.


  5. Mon says

    I need 8z08h or 8y14f i have all the pieces for both million and vacation home except the very rare… willing to split.

  6. Justina Welsh says

    Hi, everyone! I have $35,000 Vehicle – 8C91A
    $40,000 Home Makeover – 8D87B
    $100,000 Cash or Luxury Car – 8E85E
    I also have 8z07g, and 8y16h.
    Please let me know if you have other rare pieces. Thanks!

    We can split the price..

  7. Jan says

    I have the 8y16H piece willing to sell it or if someone has the rare one and wants to split I’d take less (65/35or 70/30 split) as I know the rare piece is more valuable then the semi rare. Text me at(781) 690-2098 don’t call I don’t answer number s I don’t know- text first- I rarely check emails so best way to reach is via text

    • mallory says

      Cathy, do you have 8E82B I have the 85 other rare. would you like to split. Call me, my name is mallory 503-569-3100

  8. Dom says

    I have 8D87B 40,000 home make over piece to split or buy? Does anybody have 8D86A??
    Call me 5202444977

  9. Brit says

    Need these….8Z07G, 8Z08H, 8Y14F, 8Y15G, 8Y16H, 8X18B ,8T32D, 8S34B, 8R40D, 8Q41A, 8P47C, 8M54B, 8L57A, 8J66B, 8G75C, 8F77A, 9C15D, 9D16A, 9F26C, 9G31D, 9H32A, 9J37B. Will split for these

  10. Ben says

    I have the 8Y16H piece. Willing to split the prize, more portion to you, if you’ve got the other piece.


    • Karla says

      Hi Sean Did you mean 8z02b? If so I have it all I need is 8z07g and 8z07h do you have those pieces? We can go 50 50

  11. Amanda says

    Looking for 8B00E for college tuition? Willing to split or willing to sell you 8B99D. 615-943-5810

  12. Damian says

    I have all the pieces for the 1 million cash prize except “8Z08H” anyone have that one or need one that I have then text me at 510-942-9339.
    We can talk business

  13. Saunaz says

    Hi guys,

    Hope all is well. I’m looking to buy 8Y16H( one million prize), 8E82B(100k prize and 8C93C for 35K prize).
    If anyone has any of these pieces and would like to sell please contact me at 925-285-8780


    • Stephanie D says

      Hi Saunaz – I have 8Y16H. Not sure if anyone has responded or if you have been in touch / but I have one.

      If you’re interested, email me / stephymarie119@gmail

    • Dory says

      Hello Sauna!

      I HAVE 8Y16H, contact me, and see if we can work out a deal!


  14. Cj says

    8B99D for sale for cheap…c4093galacgac@gmail.com accidentally typed the wrong one awhile ago