How to Save Money at Local Boston Restaurants with GoPapaya!

GoPapaya App Boston

Do you love eating out but hate to plan ahead and hate paying full price for a meal?

If you need help deciding where to eat out in Boston at the last minute while saving money on your total bill, you may want to check out the GoPapaya App.

GoPapaya is a Boston-based app that connects Boston restaurants who are not at full capacity with app users who want to eat food fast. If you are looking to eat soon, open up the app and you’ll find restaurants who have last-minute availability as well as a offer available to entice you to dine with them.

Discounts typically range from 10-30% off your food bill and you must arrive at the restaurant within 30-45 minutes to receive the offer (once you hit the reserve now button). There is also a new option for pick up if you’d rather not dine out and you can grab your food to-go and still get a discount!

The app is great for individuals, couples or small parties and each restaurant listed on the app will say what the current discount is, the time you need to arrive, and the max number of guests for the discount. Most restaurants ask for a max party size between 4-6 people, and I haven’t seen availability/discount for a group larger than 6 through the app as of yet.

There’s a lot of participating GoPapaya restaurants in and around the Boston area as you can see from the map below. If you go to the map feature, you can see in real-time what restaurants are currently participating as they will be in green. Restaurants in blue use the GoPapaya app, however, do not have an offer at the moment. (This screenshot was taken on a Monday afternoon for a reference). There’s always been an offer (usually many) available during lunch and dinner when I’ve checked the app!

GoPapaya Restaurant Map

The GoPapaya app is very easy to use and is available on both iOS and Android devices. If you download the app with my referral link you’ll receive a free $5 credit, and I will receive one too!

As mentioned, this post does contain my referral link for GoPapaya and I will receive free credit if you download and use the app (thank you!) under my referral code. I did check out the app (as a regular person– no free meal or special treatment) recently and it worked great, especially for those who (like me) don’t like to plan ahead and like to receive discounts AND rewards!

Here’s my experience and everything you need to know about the GoPapaya app. Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or need any clarification before you use it!

How Does GoPapaya work?

Simply download the GoPapaya app on your iPhone or Android device, and you will see in real-time what restaurants have open tables AND an offer.

Creating an GoPapaya account should take less than 5 minutes and you may want to use an e-mail associated with your PayPal or Amazon account to make redeeming rewards easier (more on that later!)

Here’s the steps for creating a GoPapaya account:

  • Download the GoPapaya app on your iPhone or Android device (you can actually see the deals before you sign up officially, which is nice!)
  • Go to create an account and follow the steps
  • Where it says invitation code enter: BOSBUDGET (optional, but you’ll receive a free credit!)
  • You may need to verify your e-mail before you are good to go! This came really quick for me.

Once you have an account, you can check out all the deals as well as reserve a restaurant!

Here are the steps to booking and eating out with GoPapaya for the dine-in option (The steps for take-out is a little different, and I haven’t tried take-out yet since it’s new):

GoPapaya Boston Restaurants Deals

  • Select a restaurant and click reserve table now and make sure you will arrive within the time given
  • You’ll see a little timer counting down the time left for arriving to the restaurant, get there within that that time frame, usually between 30-45 minutes (make sure you aren’t already seated/at the restaurant either when you check-in)
  • Turn your Bluetooth on, and have the app open when you enter the restaurant (You’ll hear a little “ding” and the app will check you in on the app automatically).
  • Tell the hostess you booked through GoPapaya and that’s it!

Once you check in with the hostess and are seated, you don’t have to worry about the app anymore and your discount should be automatically applied to your bill. You don’t enter credit card information into the app nor do you pay with the app; just pay how you normally would for your bill.

Technically you could be on a fancy date and your date wouldn’t even know you received the meal for a discount if they didn’t look at the bill. There’s no coupons, no vouchers, no showing the server the app, etc. It’s really easy and really discreet too!

I will say that I personally had a little trouble being discreet with my first experience, however. We went to an ethnic restaurant and the discount didn’t go through automatically but my server (who also sat us) did not speak English well so I think that’s why I had a little problem. However, it was fixed no problem and I received 30% off my total bill. It wasn’t a big deal, but it did take an extra second.

GoPapaya Rewards

In addition to saving 10-30% off at local restaurants, GoPapaya also has a rewards system to take advantage of.

There’s a few ways to earn points through GoPapaya’s rewards system and once you earn enough points you can redeem them for Amazon Gift cards or PayPal payments!!

Here are the ways you can earn rewards:

  • Earn 1 point every day you open the app (must be 20 miles or less from Boston)
  • Earn 5 points every time you take a feedback survey after you dine out (this was really quick to do)
  • Earn 10 points every time you use GoPapaya to reserve a table and dine out
  • Earn 15 points every time you refer a friend using an invitation code (like BOSBUDGET)
  • Earn 50 points every fifth meal when using the GoPapaya app

Once you earn 20 points, you can redeem those points for a $10 Amazon gift card or $10 in PayPal payment.

Keep in mind I signed up for the app last week, opened the app a few days, ate at a restaurant with the app, and took the quick feedback survey that evening, and I had over 20 points in less than one week.

I cashed in those 20 points for a PayPal payment and received $10 in my PayPal account less than two days later. (It can take up to 3 days to receive payment, but mine came faster than that). It was really easy to request and I already saw the payment in my account. I don’t remember giving my PayPal address, so that’s why I recommend using the same e-mail when you sign up for the app, just in case.

GoPapaya Verdict

Overall I was really impressed with the GoPapaya app. It was really easy to use and really easy to find an array of deals. This is a great app for those who can’t decide what to eat but know they want to eat… Pronto. And get a great deal too.

In addition to saving 10%, 20%, 30% or whatever it may be, you can also earn money by using the app! The rewards system is a great perk and was really easy to earn and redeem rewards!

The Pick-Up option on the app officially launched yesterday so you can also save money if you don’t feel like dining out! I haven’t checked out the pick up option yet so make sure to read the offer details and follow the instructions carefully to make sure it works well for you!

For more information about GoPapaya or to sign up, please head here.

Have you used the GoPapaya app yet? What do you think of the app? What is your favorite Boston restaurant on the list?

Don’t forget to use promo code BOSBUDGET to receive FREE credit when signing up for the app!

*As mentioned, I will receive a referral credit (and you will too) if you sign up with my referral code. Please see my disclosure policy if you have any questions. Thanks!

Dollar Sub Day at Jimmy John’s on Tuesday!

If you have $1 to spare, head to Jimmy John’s on Tuesday, May 2, 2017 from 4-8pm for Dollar Sub Day!

There are a few Jimmy John’s locations in and around Boston, and you can find the complete list here. You may want to call beforehand to make sure your local store is participating!

For more information about $1 Sub Day at Jimmy John’s, please head here.

Ways to Save at the New England Aquarium

Disounts for the NE Aquarium in Boston

Are you looking for ways to save at the New England Aquarium in Boston?

The New England Aquarium is located at 1 Central Wharf in Boston and is a fun visit with kids of all ages!

Admission to the New England Aquarium is $27.95 for adults, $18.95 for children 3-11, and $25.95 for seniors 60+. Children and museum members are free.

Disclosure: Some links below may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a small percentage if you make a purchase through one of my links. Please see my disclosure policy if you have any questions.  

Special Offers and Discounts for the New England Aquarium

The best money saving option to the New England Aquarium is the Boston Library pass! You can’t beat FOUR FREE admission tickets!

Keep in mind that any Massachusetts resident can become a Boston Library cardholder (and some other people may also qualify), so you don’t have to be a Boston resident to take advantage of this offer!

However, because this is such an awesome deal, the library passes are quite popular, so you really need to reserve a few weeks out if you are interested. A lot of libraries in the Greater Boston area also offer $10 passes, which is a great alternative if you can’t get a free pass from the BPL.

The library coupon is not available in July and August, however, so you will have to use a different offer in the summer.

If you are visiting Boston, you may want to purchase a Go Boston Card of Boston CityPass because admission is included and you can skip the line, which is a huge perk if you are visiting during peak times or are short on time.

You can also skip the line if you are buying IMAX tickets or buy your tickets in advance online, although there’s no discount for buying online– just the skip the line perk.

However, I went on a weekday in April (no school day, though) and the line was REALLY long. The skip the line perk can be a great savings when you are shorter on time than money.

Also, keep an eye out for more discounts that I may have missed (let me know in the comments!) because my cashier put my library coupon on top of a pile of coupons, and there was one I didn’t recognize. I didn’t want to be creepy and ask, but it looked like it came from a tourist stand or book– so keep an eye out for additional coupons around the city I may have missed.

I usually never see daily deals for the New England Aquarium at Groupon or through other sties, but it doesn’t hurt to look, especially in the winter months. Sometimes Goldstar Boston will have discount tickets for Whale Watching out of the Aquarium, so you may want to check Goldstar if you are interested in a whale watch as well.

Getting to the New England Aquarium

The New England Aquarium is located at 1 Central Wharf in Boston near long wharf and Faneuil Hall Marketplace.

There is also an Aquarium T stop on the MBTA Blue Line and it’s a quick walk to the New England Aquarium as well as an 8-15 minute walk from other subway stops/lines.

The least expensive ways to get to the New England Aquarium is to walk or take the train.

The NE Aquarium does not have their own parking garage but there are area parking garages, but they can be expensive, especially on weekdays.

Here’s a few parking options if you need to drive in:

  • Harbor Garage: $38 for parking longer than 80 minutes, weekdays and weekends; Aquarium members and whale watch goers pay $28 with validation. IMAX ticket holders can also receive a special rate for visits after 4:30pm
  • 30 Rowes Wharf: $40 for parking longer than 80 minutes, weekday evenings after 5pm and weekends are $18 {note: I didn’t see a number listed on the parking garage
  • 75 State Street: $42 for parking longer than an hour, $18 for weekdays after 5pm and weekends, $39 with validation on weekdays and $15 with validation on weekends. Buy ahead of time online for $35 for weekday parking.
  • Garage at Post Office Square: $38 for weekdays and $9 on weekdays after 4pm and weekends; $34.20 for validation on weekdays

I’m a big fan of smartphone parking apps because you can see what parking garages are available at the current price. Often times you receive a small discount for booking through the app as well.

Here are some parking apps to check out as well as free credit for new users:

If you don’t want to drive, walk, or take the train, you can also take the ferry to the New England Aquarium. You can take a boat from Hingham, Hull, or Logan Airport.

Fares vary, but is generally $9.25 per ride. Children under 11 can ride free and students and seniors can receive half off rides.

For more information about taking the ferry to the New England Aquarium, please head here.

The New England is a fun place to visit, especially for kids! It can be quite busy, so plan to visit on a weekday or early or late in the evening if you dislike crowds.

For more information about the New England Aquarium, please head here.

Do you have any money saving tips to share for the New England Aquarium?



Cheap Weekend Fun in Boston for April 29-30, 2017!

Free Weekend Events in Boston

The weather forecast is looking good for the weekend AND there’s SO MANY cheap and free events happening this weekend in Boston!

Hopefully you have some free time this weekend to take advantage of all this cheap weekend fun:

The Japan Festival: April 30, 2017 at Boston Common from 11-6pm. Head to Boston Common for a free day of Japanese culture and food with a music, booths, events, and more!

SoWa Open Market Returns: April 29, 2017. The SoWa Open Market returns to the South End this weekend for the season!

ArtWeek Boston Returns: April 28-May 7, 2017. Enjoy this award-winning creative festival in Boston with many free events and hands-on activities.

Harvard Arts First Festival: April 27-30, 2017 at Harvard University. Enjoy this annual student showcase of art, music, fun, and more.

Boston College Arts Festival: April 27-29, 2017 at Boston College. Celebrate the arts with the annual student showcase filled with art, music, theatre, dance, poetry, and more!

Brookline Open Studios: April 29-30, 2017 from 11-5pm at art studios in Brookline. Artists in Brookline are opening up their studios for free this weekend to enjoy art and meet the artists!

Park Serve Day: Saturday, April 29, 2017 at a variety of parks throughout Boston and Massachusetts. Help prepare state parks and beaches for the season by helping with trash, clearing trails, and sprucing up parks! Free.

Run of the Charles: Sunday, April 30, 2017. The Run of the Charles is the largest flat-bottomed boat race in New England so cheer on the 1,500+ racers this weekend!

Boston Sailing Center’s Open House: April 29-30, 2017 at 54 Lewis Wharf in Boston. Set sail on Boston Harbor with free sailing trips and discounts on instruction and membership.

Community Boating Open House: Saturday, April 29, 2017 at Community Boating by the Charles River. Enjoy a free orientation and go on your first introductory sail!

Comedian Tom Cotter: April 27-29, 2017 at Laugh Boston. Head to Laugh Boston for a night of laughs with comedian Tom Cotter best known from America’s Got Talent. Discount tickets available through Goldstar Boston (affiliate) and comp tickets are available through the Goldstar App exclusively. Download the app in iTunes or Google Play for the free tickets.

First Annual Boston Comedy Blowout: Saturday, April 29, 2017 at Boch Center Shubert Theatre. Enjoy an evening of lots of laughs with many up and coming comedians and more! Discount tickets available through Goldstar Boston (affiliate link).

Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology 150th Anniversary Celebration: Sunday, April 30, 2017 from 9-5pm. Celebrate the Museum’s 150th Anniversary with free admission to the museum all day + enjoy birthday cake and special activities.

Institute of Contemporary Art Play Date: Saturday, April 29, 2017 from 10-4pm at the ICA. FREE admission for up to 2 adults per family when accompanied by children ages 12 and under on Saturday. (Youth 17 and under area always free).

MIT Museum: Sunday, April 29, 2017. The MIT Museum is free the last Sunday of each month, September to June.

Harvard Art Museums: Massachusetts residents are admitted free every Saturday morning from 10am to Noon year-round with proof of residency

Harvard Museum of Natural History: Massachusetts residents are admitted free every Sunday morning from 9am to Noon year-round with proof of residency

Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology: Massachusetts residents are admitted free every Sunday morning from 9am to Noon year-round with proof of residency

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

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Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant Cinco de Mayo Specials

Margaritas Restaurant Cinco De MayoMargarita’s Mexican Restaurant is celebrating Cinco de Mayo for five days with a variety of $5 specials each day!

Here’s the Cinco Countdown Specials:

  • Monday, May 1: $5 for Burritos (all burritos)
  • Tuesday, May 2: $5 All You Can Eat Tacos Americanos (chicken and beef)
  • Wednesday, May 3: $5 Fajita (with purchase of any full-priced fajita, fajita of lesser value is discounted)
  • Thursday, May 4: $5 Appetizers (all appetizers)

On Cinco de Mayo, Friday, May 5, 2017, Margarita’s will have all you can eat nachos before 4pm as well giveaways and more!

Even better, Margarita’s is hosting Cinco Days of Goodwill, a five-day fundraiser from April 30-May 4, 2017 where 20% of guests’ checks are donated to Goodwill Industries. Just make sure to mention Cinco Days of Goodwill to your server.

There are eight Margarita’s locations in Massachusetts including Medford, Revere, Lexington, Waltham, and Weymouth as well as locations in five other states. For the complete location list, please head here.

For more information about Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant’s Cinco de Mayo fiesta, please head here.

Comp Tickets Rolling into the Goldstar App

Goldstar Comp Train Tickets

The Goldstar Comp Train is coming with complimentary tickets to a variety of events in and around Boston!

Free tickets can go fast and your best chance to catch all the best tickets is to download the free Goldstar App from Goldstar!

To easily find free tickets on the app, just hit the search button on the top of the app and under “all categories” select Comps to see all the free tickets currently available!

The Goldstar App is available for download on iTunes or Google Play for free. There is an option to upgrade to paid membership through Red Velvet, but the basic free membership is great with free tickets and easy access as well!

Have you downloaded the Goldstar App yet?

*I am an affiliate partner of Goldstar Boston. Please see my disclosure policy if you have any questions.

Pretzelmaker celebrates 26th Birthday with .26 Pretzels!

Pretzelmaker Bostn 26th Anniversary

Pretzelmaker is celebrating their 26th Anniversary on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 with .26 Pretzels!

Visit any participating US store on Wednesday, 4/26/17 and sing Happy Birthday to score a .26 Pretzel. (Or maybe mention the promotion first before singing to see if you can get out of it and still grab the deal…)

There are many participating Pretzelmaker locations but some close to Boston are: Cambridgeside, Assembly Row, Burlington Mall, and the Square One Mall in Saugus.

For more information, please head here.