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Welcome to Boston on Budget! As you probably know, Boston is one of the most expensive in U.S. City to live and the third most expensive U.S. city to visit.

Boston on Budget compiles the best budget-friendly events, discount attractions, cheap eats, and much more happening in the Greater Boston area (and beyond) to help stay on budget in an expensive area!

Kate is the founder and blogger behind Boston on Budget. I started Boston on Budget after I moved back to the area after living up North where living expenses were definitely a little lighter! I love going out to eat and exploring new things, and I still wanted to have fun without breaking my budget!

I like to read blogs and deal sites that 1.) try the deals and tips first to make sure they actually work and 2.) disclose affiliated posts and advertising. I try my best to do the same here; however, number 1 is a little tricky especially if an event hasn’t happened yet! Please make sure you do your own due diligence too, and I’ll try hard not to steer you in the wrong direction!

If you would like to advertise, have a question, share a deal, or would like to contact Boston on Budget for any reason, please fill out this form here or e-mail Kate directly at Kate{at}bostononbudget.com. Thanks for reading Boston on Budget and please come back often as I share tips, savings, and deals daily!




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    Hi again, I see you’ve been doing this a bit longer and your site looks great! I’m still trying to juggle other projects and unfortunately not posting nearly as much as I’d like to, but I love doing it and look forward to the site growing!!

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    I am holding a small dance teacher convention in Boston this summer (NU and Harvard grad here, but OLD) I am going to put your blog on the list for teachers to use as a research product, love it this is GREAT!!!

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