Wicked Cheap Tip: Watch TV to Earn Rewards


Roughly this time last year, I downloaded an app that allows you to earn gift cards and rewards for watching TV. My life has never been the same. I can now productive and lazy. At the same time. Amazing.

Okay, so if you are hearing the word Viggle for the first time, it is a downloadable app that allows you to check-in to your favorite shows to earn points. Points can be redeemed for gift cards, gifts, and more. Here’s a few basics:

  • Download the App on your Apple or Android smartphones. App only available on smartphones :(
  • Hit “check-in” and hold your phone or iPad up to your TV to start earning points!
  • You will receive 1 point for every minute of television watched
  • You will receive bonus points for watching certain shows, which are shown on the what’s on button (Usually primetime shows like American Idol, Bones, The Big Bang Theory, etc. have bonus points)
  • You will earn points after the show is over (even if you’ve left the room or have turned off your TV)
  • You can use Viggle for shows on your DVR, so they do not have to be live.

And now for a few Viggle tips:

  • Play trivia during your favorite show to earn additional points. It always helps to play trivia on a show you actually watch because you will earn more points for answering correctly.
  • Play MyGuy during a sports game for extra points. (MyGuy is like a fantasy game, and their is a strategy if you play often. For example, my mother-in-law played MyGuy Football and did really well for just playing the defense the entire game).
  • Watch advertisements on Viggle once you check into a show to earn bonus points. (There are certain times that offer the most video/points opportunities. My in-laws say it switches often, but usually either early morning (7am) or evening (around 7pm).
  • You can earn bonus points after watching a show for 10 minutes or longer; so, check into a bonus show, and then switch to another bonus show 10 minutes later if they are on at the same time.
  • Check into longer shows before you leave the house. (For example, I’ve checked into the Today show around 7am before work, and then received 250 points for later on that morning).
  • Special events like the Oscars, the Superbowl, Olympics, etc. are usually high in points for length, bonus check-in points, video opportunities, and trivia bonuses. These are amazing Viggle days, for real.
  • Rewards change often, so hold off if you don’t find a reward you like as they replenish and switch around. You can print out your eCard within minutes of redeeming your prize. (However, sometimes the point value change. For instance, a year ago a $15 Chili’s eGift Card was 21,000 points is now 30,000 points). So do not wait too long to cash in your prize.

Have you used Viggle before? Do you have any tips that I may have forgotten?


Free Tolls on March 15, 2013 from 5-6pm on the Mass Pike Thanks to Cumberland Farms!


If you are commuting through the Allston/Brighton, Natick or Weston toll plazas on the Mass Pike on Friday, March 15, 2013 between 5-6pm, tolls will be free thanks to Cumberland Farms and its SmartPay Check-Link program!

Customers paying cash will still need to stop at the tolls like normal, and EZ-Pass customers will notice a credit on their account.

Cumberland Farms also has a SmartPay Check-Link program that allows users to save .10 per gallon at the pump.

For more information about SmartPay please click here and click here for more information about Free Tolls on Friday!



How to Find Missing Money in Massachusetts


What better way to spend a snowy day than to find missing money, right? Did you know that their are billions of dollars of unclaimed money, and some may belong to you. There are a lot of resources and websites that share this information, including a huge booklet in the Boston Globe periodically.

You can find Missing Money in Massachusetts through the State website here. I also had good luck at MissMoney.com because, although I didn’t have any missing money in MA, I was able to find a family member on the list even though they live in a different state than me. However, I have a pretty uncommon last name, so it’s easier for me to find than it may be for others.

Good Luck!

LivingSocial: The Boston Globe Sunday Paper for $20 for 16-week subscription


The daily deal site LivingSocial has a great deal on the Boston Globe for the next two days. You can grab a 16-week subscription to the Boston Globe Sunday paper for just $20 and also includes unlimited access to BostonGlobe.com.

It would break down to $1.25 per Sunday paper, which is pretty good. The Boston Globe typically sells for $3.50 and the Boston Herald sells for $2.00 at convenience stores. Funny enough I received a special “come back to us” offer from the Globe yesterday morning for around $2.60 per paper. I would say this LivingSocial deal is a good offer if you are on the fence about home delivery.

This offer does exclude people who have received home delivery or digital subscriptions in the last 90 days.

Please note that I am an affiliate of LivingSocial, please read my disclosure policy here.

What do you think; is this a good deal? Have you done a LivingSocial Boston Globe deal in the past?


Freezer Deal at Shaw’s for Frozen Food Month in March!

March is Frozen Food month and is a great month to stock up your frozen favorites! Each year Shaw’s also has a great deal on freezers.

This year, buy a 5.3 cubic feet freezer for $169.99, and get $170 worth of free items in coupons. Below are the list of coupons that are speculated to come with the freezer. I haven’t bought the freezer yet, but when I popped into my local Shaw’s over the weekend, they did have them already.

The freezer wasn’t advertised in this current week ad, but is in next week’s ad. You can grab the freezer this week or next, whichever is better for you.

Here’s what you should find in the coupon booklets when you buy a freezer:

  • FREE Digiorno Rising Crust Pizza 13-32.8oz
  • FREE Kelloggs Eggo Waffles 6-10 count
  • FREE Jamba Juice smoothie 8 oz
  • FREE El Monterey Snacks 4-60 oz
  • FREE Betty Crocker Parlor Perfect 7.2-9 oz
  • FREE Green Giant frozen box veggies 7-10 oz
  • FREE Drive Thru single serve 4.6-5.7 oz
  • FREE Essential Everyday pasta 16-25 oz
  • FREE Better Oats 5 ct
  • FREE Malt-o-meal cereal 15.5-22 oz
  • FREE Edys outshine fruit bars 6-12 ct
  • FREE Quaker soft baked cookies 8.8 oz
  • FREE Kraft homestyle deluxe single serve 3.6 oz
  • FREE Hawaiian punch juice drink 32 oz
  • FREE Johnsonville chicken sausage 12 oz
  • FREE Culinary Circle flatbread ultra thin crust pizza 12-36 oz
  • FREE Cape Cod chips 8-9 oz
  • FREE Simply Potatoes side dish 24 oz pkg
  • FREE Little Debbie bag donuts 10-10.5 oz
  • FREE Java Delight coffee uncup 12 ct
  • FREE Super chill lemonade 1 ltr btl
  • FREE Jello gelatins, pudding, or temptations 4 pk
  • FREE Flavorice freezer bars 24 ct
  • FREE Super Chill 2 ltr
  • FREE Spikes salsa 16 oz
  • FREE Ragu traditional or quick pizza sauce 14 oz
  • FREE Ocean Spray cranberry sauce jelly or whole 14 oz
  • FREE Early California fresh cured olives 6oz green pitted
  • FREE McCormick mexican seasoning mix .87-1.12 oz
  • FREE Guldens mustard 12 oz
  • FREE Betty Crocker cupcake icing 8.4 oz
  • FREE Ziplock perfect portions frezzer bags 75 ct
  • FREE Kraft salad dressing 8 oz
  • FREE Equaline allergy ultratabs 48ct
  • FREE Minute Maid light lemonade 59 oz
  • FREE Culinary Circle italian favorites pizza 12.6-16.2 oz
  • FREE Sylavania cf 13el super 830rp light bulb 1 ct pkg
  • $5 OFF woolite laundry detergent 100 oz
  • $5 OFF 1 finish quantum automatic dishwashing detergent or 2 in 1 gel packs 60 ct
  • $1 OFF palmolive lq dish detergent 25 oz or larger
  • $5 OFF moneygram transaction up to $50
  • $20 OFF any shaws private label items

If I do buy a freezer (haven’t decided yet), I will confirm what I receive. If you do need a freezer for extra space, but wouldn’t use every free item, these would make great donation items to your local food bank.

Have you gotten a freezer from Shaw’s in the past? Will you get one this year? Do you think it’s a good deal?!

Thanks, Deals by Darlene and April for the list of coupons!

College Students: Boston Collegiate Coupon Book Spring 2013!

collegiate coupon book boston 2013

College Students, keep an eye out for the Spring Version of the Collegiate Coupon Book. Your best bet is to check with your Student Affairs or Student Activities office first if you haven’t seen them on campus before.

Some highlights from the college coupon book for 2013:

  • Crazy Dough’s Pizza: Free Slice of Pizza, when you buy a gourmet slice
  • Blackjack Pasta Bar: Buy one entree, get one 50% off
  • Sunset Cantina: 1/2 off any entree
  • Uburger: Come in with a friend, and get a burger free when you buy a burger and combo
  • B.Good: Free order of fries, sweet potato fries or crisp veggies with a purchase of a burger
  • Ben & Jerry’s: Buy One, Get One Free coupon
  • Nashoba Valley: $5 off ski or snowboard lift ticket
  • Boston Bowl: One Free Game of Bowling
  • Lucky Strike: One Free Game of Bowling
  • F1 Boston: Free Day License and free entree with another entree purchase
  • City Sports: 20% non-sale items with coupon
  • And Much more!

Make sure to keep an eye out at your local college for this coupon book to score these great deals + many more! Most coupons expire in August of 2013!


A few things to know about Nemo and this Weekend in Boston & Beyond (Feb 9-10, 2013)

On Fridays I typically post the fun and cheap things to do for the upcoming weekend. However, due to the snow storm Nemo coming this weekend the weekend fun post will be a little different. Many of the weekend events and activities are also cancelled or rescheduled so please research your planned activity to ensure it is still happening. Also, as of right now The Boston Travel Show this weekend has adjusted hours, which you can find here.

In addition, please think about staying off the roads tomorrow and Saturday if possible. Also, the MBTA will be shutting down at 3:30pm on Friday, February 8, 2013. Flights from Logan on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning are also cancelled.

If you lose power or need to contact your local utility company, here is a great and quick resource of different utility contact information.

You can also find City of Boston snow updates here.

I hope you all get a chance to stay in, relax, and enjoy the snow while staying safe this weekend :)